• To the amazing staff at Only Cremations for Pets,

    We would like to express our sincerest gratitude. Our family is eternally grateful for the extra effort that your staff put in so that our sweet Bobby could be picked up sooner and cremated as soon as possible. During one of the most difficult times in our lives, you all worked hard to grant our wishes and gave us the gift of comfort, knowing that our baby boy's soul is now free to roam wherever he pleases. There is no way that we can truly thank you guys for your unbelievably kind gestures.  With Gratitude

  • As I'm sure you know, the service you provide is one loving pet owner's wish they never had to use...I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness, and the care you took in returning Maverick's ashes to us. The note and seeds you enclosed were greatly appreciated, and even seeing the FRAGILE, PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE sticker on the outside of the box touched me. Maverick was with us for over 12 years and we took loving care of him everyday of his life. I deeply appreciate the care you took in providing your service. Thank you.

  • After I came to pick up my cat Sun Beam's ash remains, I planned to write to you to express my appreciation, but I keep holding it off until today. Although cremations services is your job…I can see your staff truly has great regard for our pets. You have sentiment, respect, sympathy, and love for them. I sincerely thank you so much from deep in my heart for your dedicated/devoted services.

  • I want to thank you for taking care of our dear dog Buster. This little box with the heart with Buster's name is so precious! I also so loved the condolence card. It made me feel so much better. His loss has been so extremely hard for our entire family. Thank you so much. God bless...

  • Thank you so much from the top to the bottom of our hearts. Just wanted to say thank you so much for Omen's paw print. We have been so heartbroken since his passing, and when I saw the print it made me cry even more. You have no idea how much that simple gesture meant to me. I know you do this for everyone, but it made me feel like you did this just for me. Thank you.

  • Words cannot express how grateful we are for your services, and most especially for your gentle handling of our sweet Bella. I was deeply moved watching Carlos take such tender care of my only girl! Thank you so much for honoring all my wishes - it meant the world! We were so comforted in your beautifully decorated viewing room.

    P.S. To all Staff, A big thank you to all the ladies who were respectful of my time with Bella in my last moments with her. I saw the tearful eyes and felt all of your support surround me as I struggled to say goodbye to my baby girl. Thank you all! I felt your invisible hug.

  • Thanking you so very much for giving Dolly such a beautiful and dignified farewell. Your kindness and concern will always be remembered and appreciated.

  • The cremation service exceeded my expectations...I will always sing you and your company's praises. Your team is exceptional.