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We know that grieving for your beloved pet is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. We would love to share your pet memorial with the world!  Just fill out the form below with your information and we'll share your memorial here.

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Our dear Rex aka Rexle aka Rexathan after Finklestein, aka Finkle aka Dinghy, Donka boy! Dude, lil Guy! Words can’t describe how much we will miss you! You were with us for 14 years and living without seems unbearable. We hope you are running free in doggy heaven with your sister Kea! Love you baby boy! Always in our hearts forever!

- Rex


My sweet Spikey boy, you were a precious gift from God! Thank you for allowing me to be your mommy for 13 years. You taught me unconditional love. Your presence lightened up the entire room, your sweet kisses brought so many smiles, your pure soul touched so many hearts. Even though my heart is heavy, I also have a piece of mind knowing I will see you once again. Each day that passes is a day closer until I get to see you in heaven. Mommy loves you forever, my angel.

- Spikey


We love you Lulu. We miss you Lulu. You were our mother, our daughter, our sister and our queen. You were the matriarch of our family. We know that you are running across the rainbow bridge with Boyboy and giving kisses to our beloved Ed. We will love you always and forever.

- Lulu


Jimi, first I want to say that I love you. From the moment I brought you home as a puppy, little did I know it would be you who would forever change my life. I miss the way you lit up when I'd get home, how you'd follow me everywhere or how you would pet yourself with my feet. Your bark, your fearlessness, your confidence, and your spin moves left an imprint on my heart. You're such a stunner!

Enjoy all the treats you love-cookies and all the fruit possible-except banana, you don't like it. I love you, Jimi "Nigh"

- Jimi


We got you as a puppy and immediately your presence made our days happier... You were a brave little girl, very protective for your small size. You loved us so well and we felt it everyday with your exuberant greetings and fun-loving attitude. You had the best manners ever... and you were BEAUTIFUL to boot. It was an honor to have you bless our home with your adorable - cuddly little body - but most of all - for 12 years, 1 month and 22 days you were a joy and a gift, and your memory will be a BLESSING always.


- Carmella


Chevy, my beautiful boy. The sweetest and most gentle soul. I am eternally grateful for being able to be a part of your life. You will be greatly missed every morning as you were the first one up, ready to greet us. I'll miss watching you aggressively chase the squirrels, the butterflies, and the bees with your ears flopping all around. I'll miss seeing you in your sweaters and sherpa vests during the wintertime. I'll miss hearing you trying to talk to us when you had a lot on your mind and your caring and thoughtful eyes whenever I needed someone to talk to. Your memory will forever live in our hearts and I look forward to hugging you and burying my face in that one spot behind your ears again one day. I love and miss you so much.

- Chevy


My beautiful German Shepherd "Beau'. Your presence was so big and I just miss and love you and everyday.

- Beau


Our Bindi (Bin Diesel, Bindicious Delicious, Bindle, Binbin, Minmin, Bubba, Dobby, + many more) passed away September 8, 2023. She was given to us in 2010 as a puppy and has been unconditionally loved for 13 years. She was the best dog who always loved to cuddle, loved her walks, protecting her family, sleeping with her mama, people, cookies, napping, her Aunt Bailey, her best friend Franky, and especially loves her mama. She has been the COOLEST and calmest therapy dog we have ever known in our lives and will continue on in our memories. As much as we hate to see Bindi go, she has lived a full life beyond her natural life span and has loved us more than we could have ever asked. She was a quality top shelf dog, the illest and the chillest.

Bindi will forever be remembered by many of her nicknames and we will cherish the memories she gave us, always laughing and crying, she was the best dog ever. (we cannot stress this enough!). She spent her last day watching the sunset and sleeping.

Mama and Aunty Bailey love you always Bindi Bubba Dobby want her socks.

- Bindi

Fluffy Leyva,

On August 25th, 2023 at 9:35 pm, our precious little angelic hero named Fluffy made his way to the gardens of heaven. Fluffy was a spiritual anchor and an angel sent to our family at a time when we needed him the most. His soul was pure, innocent and full of joy. The love that he shared with us every day enriched our lives. He had a warrior spirit, a truly unique personality and he expressed himself vividly through his big, beautiful eyes and wing-like ears.

He will always live in our hearts until we embrace him in our arms again. Until then, we will miss him with all our heart and think about his precious soul every day. We are so thankful for the joy and love he brought into our lives.

We love you and miss you so much Papi <3

- Fluffy Leyva


On August 7th at 6:22 I lost my best friend and a large part of my heart. My little girl, who I’ve raised from just a puppy gone at the age of 12. She brought me more happiness and joy then I had known up until then. Her spirit will be with me forever. I am beyond devastated right now- this has crushed me more than anything in my life and I feel like death right now as I would have done anything to keep her with me. I did everything I could, I would have spent every last penny for my time.

She shed a tear when she saw me cry and was with me to the very end. I love you Belle Wayland, you will always be my furry little friend. May god keep you in his arms and please say hello to Barkley Wayland when you see him for you. I miss you so much and you will forever be loved. I will never stop crying on the inside missing you, thank you for being my friend.

- Belle


My Luna, so sweet. She was 13 yrs. She loved being inside, watching everyone come an go, I would sneak her a little treat, once in a while. I miss her every day.

- Luna


Boyboy lived to 15 years old! He died naturally at home of kidney disease. He was so loyal, stunning and gave the best sloppy kisses. He was an amazing doggie brother to his human brothers and his doggie sister. Boyboy was our forever big, gentle baby. We have been crying a lot and miss him more than words can express. He will live forever in our hearts.

- Boyboy


In Loving Memory of Bella (Panda). Bella passed away on June 10, 2023. My sweet little Bella, you were a special gift to me. I spent sixteen years with you and I will never ever forget you. Your temperament was so pleasant that everyone you encountered wanted to take you home with them. You were so special and loved by your entire family. Words can’t express the sorrow, devastation and unspeakable lost we all are experiencing. We are heartbroken. We can’t believe you are no longer here with us. You were also best PTSD Service Dog to Papa and the greatest big sister to Bronx. Rest in peace, Panda! Love you forever and ever.

- Bella


Oh my baby. With great love comes great pain. I miss walking up to you in the morning. Everything is so quiet and lonely now that you’re gone. It isn’t a goodbye, but see you later. Thank you for the beautiful 15 years you gave me. Our bond was like no other. I hope you are exploring the rainbow bridge with beautiful lakes, mountains of treats and playing with all the other furbabys. I love love love love love love love you baby. My heart is in so much pain without you. I am aching. Nothing is the same anymore. I pray you are free of your pain and Illness and a puppy again. I love you Layla. Forever ever ever in my heart. You weren’t just a dog but my daughter, best friend and soul mate. You got me through the worst times of my life and you were there through the best times. I’ll always cherish every single second we had together baby girl. Until we meet again okay. Mommy’s girl forever!!! ❤️

- Layla


To our beautiful best friend Oakley, we will miss you forever. You loved howling at the moon, so I promise I will look at the moon every night and think of you. My soul dog, you’ve taught me so much in my life. I’ll treasure every moment I had with you. We love you so much. Your pack dog and brother John-John also misses you dearly. See you again at the rainbow bridge. Keep our baby Wren company, okay ❤️

- Oakley


Booga was our first cat that we owned and he was the best. He was so loving and sweet but also silly and wild. He was always ready for a car ride to grandma’s house where he could be a spoiled kitty. We love you so much Booga and you are already missed so much. Rest peacefully.

- Booga

Charlie Guerrero,

Charlie my handsome boy, I miss you so much, I wish I could hug you one more time, but I know you’re resting in peace. Fly high my little one. Until we meet again my Charlie. I love you with all my heart.

- Charlie Guerrero


Kota, we got you as a little fuzzball such a cute puppy. You were so extremely smart, so easy to house train. You sure taught us a lot over the years you had the kindest eyes of the biggest heart loved going on walks camping hiking or just laying around you were so gentle, so well-loved we went on car rides and we never knew you were even there because you were so quiet. Remember the times we went to the snow you just loved it and I loved being with you and walking through the snow with the snowflakes falling, and you were such a good swimmer you were dearly loved and we miss you so much but we know you’re happy you were just taken from us too soon too fast but we will see you again. I love you my big sweet boy you’ll always be in our hearts

April 15, 2014 - November 3, 2022

- Kota


Coqueta known before as Sweater was such a sweet and beautiful girl, we fell in love with her when we rescued her from a shelter. Although our time with her was short, it was full of love and happiness. To my sweet beautiful girl Coqueta, I am sorry. I will miss you for the rest of my life, someday we will meet again over the rainbow bridge

- Jonathan Alvarez - Coqueta


Our pets are gifts from God, they come into our lives and bring us such joy without asking for anything in return. This little angel came into our lives roughly 18 years ago, giving us many fond memories that we will forever treasure. Losing someone as loyal and faithful as him isn't easy. Although Bonbon has passed, he will always be beside us in spirit. We love you always and forever gramps.

- Ana


Ceasar was the perfect example of a loyal companion. He was a big, strong and handsome looking Doberman with his cropped ears, docked tail, and shiny black and rust coat. There are countless fond memories during our ten wonderful years of family life that we will forever hold in our hearts. We miss you terribly, Ceasar! Rest In Peace baby, you know how much We Love You!

- Agus


The house is so quiet without your meeps, squeaks, and 3 a.m. singing. I miss you every day. I'm so grateful for the years of love and laughter you brought to my life. Rest easy my little friend.

- Teddy


Butch you will always be loved. You came to our life 8 years ago and you were so special to us. We will miss everyday. It hurts so much that we couldn't save you and I'm sorry for the pain you endured. We love you so much.

- Rosa Godinez

Jacob Mitchell Horton,

My Jacob was a pick of a litter back on October 4th, 2007. He was given to my children and I after a very unusual circumstance that taken place in our lives. Jacob was named after Jacob in the bible, and he brought the best love ever that imagination can not describe. Jacob was my everything, he was the rock of our family. Jacob brought, healing and joy to the entire family. From the bottom of our hearts, DJ, Justice, Andre, your best buddy Aaren, and myself, Mom, we Love You Dearly Jacob.

On Valentine’s Day, the hardest decision but the best love that a dog owner could give. I will see you in heaven. Enjoy all the rest of the fur babies way over the rainbow. I will always miss you Jacob. Your family forever we love you dearly.

- Alvina Mitchell Horton

Connie Marie,

My sweet Connie Marie, you were a blessing that walked into my life in 2011 when I needed you the most. You have always been so special, with an attitude of your own. You were the sweetest, sassiest, most loving dog I have ever met. You had the power to turn people into dog lovers and light up any room you walked into. You may be gone, but will most definitely NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for keeping your promise to let me hold you until it was time for you to cross the rainbow bridge. Until we meet again my beautiful sunshine and biggest purest love. You will always be my baby.

With all my love,

Your Mom and forever BEST FRIEND

- Ana Morales

Sweet Ginger,

My sweetest joy in my life since a puppy. She had a full life of 15 years with us and was loved so dearly. I will always cherish the memories we had. She passed away peacefully. I know HE is surrounding her with love until we meet again. Know that you will always be in my heart.

- Yolanda


I was blessed with this beautiful baby boy Raymond when I was in 6th grade from my best friend Brittany. He was such a loving, precious, and gentle soul. He loved everyone he met. Loved plenty of pets and tons of wet cat food. He was our spoiled little prince. He got to live a 16 year long adventitious years. He was fighter of his block and a lover at the same time.

He would always bring his stray friend cats over for some lunch or dinner. I will miss him dearly. I loved him more than a family pet. He was my baby. My son. My first love. Hope he is resting easy now.

- Rachel Norwood


Ernestine was so special. From the very beginning we realized we had won the lottery with this amazing dog. She regularly would jump from a standstill, onto a three foot wall on our walk & stick it. She did all her dog jobs well. Bark at the mailman, keep tabs on her people & her kitties.

Oh she was beloved. 20 years of wonderful memories. So many.

We are beside ourselves at the loss of our precious Ernestine. Our girl.

As she aged, her best friend & companion, “Biscuit” our ginger cat, would watch out for her. He would let us know anything we may need to know concerning Ernestine. They were such a pair.
 Biscuit is still looking everywhere for his Ernestine. So hard for us all.

So much love. Words really don’t do justice. We will miss our amazing girl. She was so beautiful that when walking, cars would pull over to enquire what kind of dog she was.

There’s a big hole in our hearts & our home. Her spirit was so large. Her presence so wonderful.

Magical Ernie, the wonder dog.

- Carol Rippy


Sophia has been in my life since I was 11 years old. My best friend in the whole world. We have watched each other grow up together. I remember going home after school and just playing music and singing to her while dancing with her. I’m lost without you. The house feels so empty without you and your tapping shoes. I hope you know how much you changed my life and how important you are to me.

Your eyes told me you were tired and, although I didn’t want to let you go, I knew I couldn’t be selfish.

I love you baby. I’ll miss you. See you soon!

- Vanessa


We rescued Sasha from a shelter at 8 weeks old, in 2008. She was the first member of our family unit. She was loved by everyone who met her and, in her passing, everyone remembers her for her lemon face smile when she would greet you at the door. She loved her daddy more than anyone. Due to covid restrictions, the last 18 months of her life included endless amounts of love, affection and bonding as she spent all of her days and nights with daddy in his office while he worked and played video games.

She was 13 years old at the time of her passing and she is survived by her people family, and her sister Lucy.

Somewhere over the rainbow, Sasha has her wings.

- Cameron


My beautiful Great Dane Meka changed my life in every way possible. From the time I got her and she had these huge floppy ears and huge paws that were way too big for her to the day she left this world, the love I gave her and the love she gave me was immeasurable. From late night study sessions, college graduation, to the birth of my daughter, she was there through it all and I am lost without her. I always called her my moo moo because she ate like a cow.

We worked so hard to save you Meka… I know all the medication and bland prescription food and daily IV fluids sucked the life out of you and you didn’t want to fight anymore. I just don’t know how to live without you. Until the day we meet again Moo Moo, I love you so much it hurts.

- Aine


13 years ago, you were rescued from the streets in Pacoima. We watched you go from a frail, weak, skinny, sad puppy to a vibrant, chunky, smart, love bug doggy.

You brought so much happiness and love to the family with your larger-than-life personality. We miss hearing your tiny fast steps on the wooden floor, your smell, your annoying pitchy loud barks, howling with your brother Papacito, your sweet kisses, seeing you lay down by your father’s chair while he’s on the computer. We miss it all!

We find comfort in knowing you’re free from any pain and illness now.  You will always be our little Bawby Moyi Mamoi. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge little one.

We love you forever.

Mom & Dad

- Diana and Matthew Spinella


Chilly was the best little companion for the last 14 years. Her family loves her so much and were so lucky to have her. Chilly will remain in our hearts forever and will always be remembered.

- Emily


My sweet baby Loki. you were my first dog and will never be forgotten. You’ve touched so many hearts in this world, always loving everyone you meet. You’ve left us too early, but you’re in a better place now. Your brothers will miss you very much. we’ll miss your kisses and cuddles. We love you!

- Mindy


Gryffin was the most energetic and loving dog. He lights up a room and always brings a smile to our face. He was our protector; loving companion and our world is darker without him. He was the reason for our happiness. He was taken from our family too soon but will forever he in our hearts. We love you little boy.

- Kadie


Our forever angel!

We are missing you so much baby girl Taffers. Thank you for the greatest memories, and all the kisses and love you gave us. I wish that I could only hold and kiss you right now my Taffey. You were the best dog our family ever had. We prayed for a dog just like you, and that’s what God blessed us with. You are forever in our hearts baby girl. It hasn’t been easy for any of us since we lost you.. but I know you are free from any pain and you are at the rainbow bridge waiting for us.

Enjoy all the treats and run wild and free.. we will see you soon Taffers. Our baby girl forever.

- Shea

Calvin Klien Webb,

My Calvin was my world, he was very loving and protected all of us. He was so smart he would try to talk to us with his bark and would love to smile. He loved car rides and going on vacations with us. He would greet us in the morning before we got out of bed with his bake to open the door to go potty. He would toss his red bowl or drag it to us to remind us he needs water. Calvin you will always be in our hearts never forgotten we all miss you very much! I love you my baby Calvin. Miss you !

3/11 - 8/20/21

- Calvin Klien Webb


You left us just before your 16th birthday. When you died, you took a piece of my heart with you. I wish you were still here eating your favorite food; spaghetti and hot dogs. I hope you are in doggy heaven playing in the grass without any pain. I love you so much and thank you for bringing so much love and happiness in our lives for the past 16 years. I miss how you would get all excited and run up to see me. I miss your hugs and the way you would snuggle up to me when I cried. I miss how you would bark angrily at whoever made me upset. I miss how excited you would get over food. I miss your cute personality my little joojoo.   We miss you so much. Everything reminds us of you. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry you were in pain. One day I hope that we will meet again at the rainbow bridge.

8.8.05 - 07.27.21

- Bella


Murphy has been a part of our family for a short 17 years. He’ll be remembered and missed for what he meant to each of us. Rest in eternal peace.

- Ishida Family

Springfield, a.k.a. "Mr. Cat",

Springfield, you ruled our home with an iron paw. You hunted around the living room, brought us fish and mice, and took care of your two "large, oddly-shaped cats" and your sister Penny. You fought your lymphoma like a training montage scene from an 80s karate film. You were the best grumpiest old man cat we could ask for. The last 24 hours have been rough, but we were so glad to be with you in your final moments. Rest easy, Mr. Cat, we can only hope there is plenty of food and warm, sunny spots for you to lay in wherever you are now.

- Alexandra and Joshua


I got you when your last family decided to abandon you and it was the best day of my life. You’ve always been with me through everything, and have been by my side through my worst days. I will always love you my Trina rina chicken dinna. Say hello to sunny and wait for me. I gave you all the love I had to give.

- Ana Z


Went to Heaven 2/8/21

My first baby, I'll love you forever. I'll see you later my little grouchy goblin sidekick. Say hi to Tito for me. Thank you for 14 beautiful years. Miss you! Love you!

- Lauren


B. January 14, 2012 / D. February, 7 2021

“Caesar was such an amazing companion. He first brought light into my life 9 years ago and we were inseparable. I rescued him from a puppy mill breeder and he was this tiny little thing. Skinny and malnourished, I made a promise to him right there and then that I would give him the best life he deserves. Caesar was by my side through it all. The heartbreaks, moves, new jobs, etc. He was with me through the good and the bad. My ride or die. Caesar was very much loved by everyone around him. He had such a kind and gentle soul. He was so patient and caring around children and other dogs. Caesar was strong, he was one tough cookie. He was my everything. My heart aches he’s left my side so soon but at the same time my heart is at ease knowing he is no longer hurting and running free from pain. I miss him dearly every day and my love for him grows stronger every passing moment.

Rest In Peace, Caesar. Mommy loves you... your family loves you. You were my good boy, the best boy I’ve ever had. You were truly one of a kind and thank you for bringing me so much joy and laughter into my life”.

- Caesar


My baby Ollie. My parents rescued you when you were 10 months old and were supposed to be my brother’s birthday present but little did we know, you were always going to be mine. We spent all of our time together and it was so fun to watch you grow. Thank you for the best 7 years together. I will miss you so incredibly much and I know you’re waiting for me at the rainbow bridge so we can cross it together one day. Thank you for all the silly faces you would make and all those late-night zoomies that kept everyone up at night! I love you Ollie, I will always have you in my heart forever ♥️ Wait for me...we’ll reunite one day and we’ll be together forever then! My love.

- Michelle L


My baby girl, I’ve never known a love like the one that I’ve felt when Ellie came into My life nine years ago. She was a rescue from a homeless man in Lakewood on the side of the freeway. I knew then when I saw her bluenose white pitbull with the most beautiful engaging eyes, She was mine and through all these years tell her last breath i. Was. Hers. She had a love in her heart I never known from any other animal I’ve ever had in my life. She taught me how to love, she taught me about unconditional love, she taught me of the things in life that I should never let Pass by. Anyone who ever met her no joke had loved her, from me from the men in my life to my family to my friends to strangers sometimes I didn’t even want to talk to you she would open up those doors and open up their heart and mind to connect with. She was one of a kind and I was lucky enough to lay eyes on that soul and eyes of hers. I will never understand why you left me so early, from one day of running around and just being you to the next day dying in my arms inexplicably. I loved you sometimes more than you knew Ellie, and will love you forever. My girl my baby my partner in crime my runner my best friend my Rescue who rescued my heart I’m sorry you left me too soon but til I see you again sooner or later your will always be with me for that piece of my my heart is in your heart left w you I will never forget the light you brought in the road you took with me. Ellie my child my baby, your mama

  • ~Alicia Dog=God>

- Ellie

(b: March 23, 2015-d: December 16, 2020)


I will forever love you, my feisty and sweet girl. Thank you for coming into my life at 10 days old with your brother Beverly, and your sister Little Shane. In our 15 and a half years together, your nicknames ranged from “Mr. Furley, Little Round Baby Girl, Munchkin, to Sweetpea.” You were always known as Elsa, named after the beautiful lioness in the famed and touching film: Born Free (1966). Knowing you has been a huge highlight in my life.

When you were my foster kitten, you loved food, but hated flea baths. When you were officially adopted by me; and your brother and sister went to a new home, you emerged as a star, the true lioness you are: powerful, expressive, and no-nonsense, but also adorable, funny, and charming. I don’t ever want to forget you.

I loved how you would run to the fridge to look inside. I always giggled at how you would taste test your food when I would give it to you, like a wine and cheese enthusiast/connoisseur. It was the best.

In your younger years, you would play fetch with fun household items, and snuggle between my legs.

Meeting you was my favorite part of being a Burbank Animal Shelter volunteer. You are survived by myself (Nicole), and your human dad who helped raise you with bottle-feeding, and care.

When I first met you, you fit into the palm of my hand, and one of your eyes was still shut. I enjoyed giving you a variety of food. You loved the gravies in the end. It was a joy to buy you different flavors and brands of cat foods, after all, you were my elegant meal aficionado. It was fun to watch you try new food. Thank you for the cuddles and the laughs. My heart will hold you forever.

- Nicole P

Chili Pepper Murphy,

Chili, you were a special Stripey L'Orange. I found you with a crackhead who despised you and was abusive. From the minute I took you home with me as a kitten, I could see the comedy in you, your kindness, your toughness, and yes, you were Prince of the house. When Stevie came along (your pup brother, who we had for such a short four years), you were best friends. You slept in each other’s' arms, you played Who is in the Bag and Where's the Lump with him. 14 years seems like a long time, but it seems short to me. You have a lot of friends who helped support me through the end of your life, which fortunately was painless and short. I miss you beyond words.

And because I'm pretty sure I heard you tell me that you wanted to star-hop in your next adventure, I look for you every night up in the sky, and I have seen you - sitting up there on a sliver of moon, with your too-long tail dangling below. Loving you was so easy friend. Let's keep an eye on each other until we meet again.

- Janet M.


Sox - you will always be my first love, soulmate, and best friend. What we had is a 'once in a lifetime' type of love. You were diagnosed with lymphangiectasia at the age of 8 and fought so hard - we had your disease managed for 5 years. Little did I know in November that we were in for the battle of our lives. While you fought hard for 2 months, we did not know this awful disease had progressed to cancer. Please know this - I will always love you. I will always remember you. I will always live my life in your honor, in a way to show the world more kindness and love.

I'm so sorry you had to spend your last week at so many doctors’ appointments. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you. I will love you, ALWAYS. It was love at first sight, and you blessed us with 13 beautiful years. You passed in my arms, surrounded by those that love you the most. Please rest easy... till we meet again.

- Neena K.


Little Inky the bear, you brought us 17 years of joy! What a great little guy you were and a wonderful brother to Lulu. Always a family bear, interested and curious in all things human, and a companion on our walks both day and night. You were always gentle and kind and also THE neighborhood dog-boss. Best mouser in the hood! You knew how to ring the bell and stayed close to home, watching over us. We will always be your mumums & popops, and honor you in our home, garden, and hearts. Inky baby bear, I hurt knowing that I didn't hold you at the very end; please forgive me for not knowing you were leaving then and for how much you must have suffered. We love you so much forever and ever. You are always at home in our hearts. Love always, your mumums, popops, brother Lulu, you neighbor-auntie Karen, uncle Kurt and your auntie Elia.

- Andrews

Charlie Murphy,

I love you and miss you dearly. Thank you for 14 years of love. You'll always be my best friend.

- Corrinne Moore

Dodger Santiago,

Our little papas and forever our guardian angel...thank you for blessing our lives for 13 years. You were such a smart and strong boy, even with your health issues, still as happy as can be. You taught us so much. I am grateful God chose me to be your mama. Your family misses you and loves you so much. You truly did leave paw prints forever on our hearts.

- Krystal Santiago

Choco Taco,

(Born March 2/3, 2017) - (Passed December 1, 2020)

To our precious Bassett Hound puppy "Choco Taco" we were here at the beginning when U came into this world with your Mommy & Daddy & your "8" Brothers & Sisters, and when you opened your sweet little blue eyes. And we are so sorry U got sick & we tried everything to keep U here with us. Then at the end we were with you as well, when U left this world to be the best Angel in Heaven ever. We were right next to you when you started that journey, giving u so many kisses & hugs & love & tears as you closed your big beautiful brown eyes. Thank you for sharing "4" Wonderful years with us our Baby Boy & our hearts are shattered you are gone!

Missing your silly morning head butts & loud morning yawns, your standing up tall, your excitement when we left for the store & then came home with treats being greeted by your loudest howls ever. My heart will miss how we all played hide & seek together, how you would get so excited when you found me & then I would have to hide over & over again! When you would sit up showing off at how long you could sit up for & looking so handsome, just like the picture I posted of you on this post. We will never forget your favorite thing of all the famous word we would say "PPBB" & you would go Crazy because that meant it was time for your daily walk & how you just loved walking with your Mommy & Daddy & Brothers & Sisters going around all the blocks & through the neighborhood! It hurts so much that you are not by my side when I go to bed night & when I wake up in the morning. "Choco" you were my best friend ever & all my love goes with you up into the stars! My sweet "Little Growler" baby because that is what you would do every time we would pick you up, just to let us know that you were not a baby anymore! But my sweet love you will always be my baby forever & may you have safe travels & have fun & be happy & stay safe until we meet again. Tell everyone we love them & miss U all so much!

Love Your Human Mommy Kimmie & the rest of your human family including Grandma & Jesse. Your furry family including your daddy "Junior Bacon Cheeseburger" & your mommy "Cherry Pepsi Cola" & all your brothers & sisters! Xoxoxo

- Kimberly S.


Georgia was a rescue from a puppy mill. I got her for my birthday on 07/31/2005.

She passed away on 12-09-2020. Just as Cassandra mentioned, "She rescued me"!

I can't believe that she is gone, but was prepared for it since she lived a full life and even at her last moment smiled in the picture we last took together. A joy I could not explain how much love she gave me, unconditionally. Georgia was also in a Movie Poster "Zero Troops", and filled everyone's heart everywhere she went. That's how she got picked for the movie poster. She will be missed and loved forever. I am so grateful to "Only Cremation” for assisting me with their graciousness. It was hard for me during these times and Cassandra was so kind to me as to be there to speak to me about Georgia and to tell me about her pick up and cremation time, since my heart was broken after her death. Only cremation is the best place for your pet, since they really soothed my heart and helped me immensely with dealing with her loss. Georgia was a very strong Pomeranian. She was such a big spirit, bigger than her little body could take.

And lived a very wonderful life!

- Piya


Macy baby, we were only able to have you for 2 months. But in those 2 months, we loved you about the limit of love. The day we picked you out of you mommy's litter, was one of the best moments of our days. You were beautiful and so smart and loving. The day you left us has just the worst. We will always love you and we miss you so much.

- Mayra


You came in to my life when I needed you the most. 9 years ago, I miscarried and daddy gifted you to me to cheer me up!! You were SO tiny. I fell in love instantly. You were my baby!! I miss you more and more every day!!

My sweet sweet Chikis!! May you never feel pain again!! Rest in Paradise sweet angel!!

- Yajaira & Sergio


Lola was Drew’s Princess. She was his world and he was hers.

He rescued her, but I’d say she rescued him right back. She was taken from us too soon and we miss her terribly.

We Love you sooo... Much LolaBear!!!


- Kimberly

Cookie Brooks,

Cookie, my sweet, lovable Granddog was so affectionate, lovable and funny. She was an entertainer, meaning she would do things to bring about a smile. Her trademark was her front, bottom missing teeth. Will miss you.

- Donna Brooks


Our hearts are broken. Thank you for giving us 15 1/2 years of happiness - you will forever be in our hearts. We miss you R.I.P. BELLA

- Donnie Johnson


My dear little girl,

Yo te quiero mucho. You will always be in my heart.

- Adriana


I will never forget you, son.

You were such a blessing in my life. Love u so much chang!

- Ajay Patel


We will forever miss you and love you my Molly <3:(

- Alejandra G.


We brought you in this home when you were a month old and you left us a week ago today. 11 years you gave us all of your love, you were our baby. We will truly miss you Cookie!

- Irma Garcia


Our sweet baby boy! Ripley you're gone to soon! You will always be in our hearts. Love and miss you Ripley so much!

- Jacob Lutz


After 13 strong years, you finally got your rest. We miss you every day and I hope you’re up there with your brother Tank. We love you Fiji boy and forever in our hearts you will be. I say good morning every day to where you sleep & dad saw you in my room the other day. He heard you bark too. I miss you sweet boy & I’m glad you will be here with me forever in my heart.

- Ariel Hernandez


I will miss you so much. Thank you for being my best friend for 13 years. I love you and will see you again my sweet boy.

- Laura Hassell

Kodo & Oliver,

You were the best little brothers I ever had, I hope there's an endless supply of socks and treats stashed away for you over the Rainbow Bridge. May you forever Dook in Peace.

- Your Hooman


Duke is such a sweet dog - we had him as a puppy

He loved his daddy that passed in 2016

And now he crossed the rainbow

I sure miss you Duke Love you brother Darrell

I hope to reunite with you

I hugged you and you licked my cheek

And you slipped away in my mom’s arms

And I felt you say bye.

- Duke Russell